Get a Free PlayStation Classic at Best Buy (with a PS4 Pro)

Are you still wanting to take the plunge on the PlayStation Classic, but have been wary of the price? Well, you may be able to finally get one for yourself, as Best Buy is giving them out for free! You’ll have to purchase a PlayStation 4 Pro to get one. But if you’re interested in trying the PS4 Pro out (and the Classic, I guess), this may be the time to get one.

While the deal may be good for some, it’s another blow for the ill-fated PS Classic. Originally released in December 2018, it has received criticisms across the board before and after its launch. Among the chief complaints have been its game selection and the fact that it uses the controversial PAL versions of these games. Its sales have also been lackluster, and the prices seem to continually be falling as the months go on. Originally launching at $100, many retailers later dropped that price, with some retailers discounting it to as low as $40. (It should be noted the PS Classic is currently priced at $60 at Best Buy.)

It’s unknown how long this deal will last. It’s also currently unknown if stock on the deal is limited, so you may want to act on it know if you’re interested.

However, should you decide the deal isn’t worth it (despite being free, the system is still controversial), you can opt-out of getting the system. While purchasing the PS4 Pro will automatically throws it into your cart—again, for free—you can remove it. If anything, it’s a way to get a PlayStation 4 Pro, which is definitely a worthwhile system, while getting a free system out of it. The Classic has been noted for how simple it is to hack, potentially getting you more mileage out of the platform.

Do you think you’ll take advantage of this new deal? Or is the PlayStation Classic not even worth the price of “free” for you? Let us know!

[Source: Wario64]