Golem Gates

Golem Gates Will Shuffle Onto the PS4 Before May Ends

Last year’s real-time strategy game with a fusion of card game based mechanics, Golem Gates, will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 later this month. PS4 owners who have been waiting for a new RTS will be able to pick up the game on May 28th, a few days before its release on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Meet the game’s protagonist, The Harbinger, in the trailer below. They might just be one of the coolest looking characters I’ve seen in video games lately.

Golem Gates gives the real-time strategy genre a shake-up by incorporating elements of card-based games into it. Players bring a deck of cards (known in the game as Glyphs) with them into a mission, which determines what troops they can deploy in the battle. Like normal card games, the deck is shuffled upon starting the game, so drawing units is completely random.

This throws the formulaic progression of creating buildings that produce units, then assembling the perfect standing army, out the window. Instead, players must play their hand. These units have their standard abilities, but also have special ones which can be drawn from the deck for use by the troops on the field. These can be large area of effect attacks or abilities that deal a massive amount of damage to a single enemy. They could feel more like a resource that needs to be managed, as opposed to infinite uses that are spread out by just a cooldown timer. The cards add a lot of new depth that you don’t typically see in an RTS.

Golem Gates

Players pick up the mantle of The Harbinger, who has a mystical power known as The Ash. Standing ground as a guardian of the Starcraft reminiscent sci-fi world, players will fight against ancient enemies coming through the Golem Gates. There are a variety of single-player modes that tell this story, but there are also co-op and competitive multiplayer modes to test your deck of cards in. Be sure to try your hand when the game comes out in just under two weeks.

If PvP multiplayer games are your thing, be sure to check out the reveal of Rocket Arena. If single-player and story are what you love, head over to the teaser for Dusk Driver making it’s way to the PlayStation 4 later this year. Be sure to also let me know your impressions of Golem Gates!

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