Ask Sony Bend Anything During the Days Gone AMA

Tomorrow, May 22nd, Sony Bend will be hosting an hour-long Days Gone AMA on Reddit, as many development studios do. This will give fans an opportunity to ask many of their burning questions pertaining to the team’s latest open-world survival adventure.

The team at Bend expressed their gratitude to the fans for the tremendous support through the launch of Days Gone and is hosting the AMA in celebration of the game’s successful release. And on the topic of success, Days Gone has been selling like crazy, with it topping the EU download charts for the month of April. It was also majorly successful in Asia, with its sales surpassing those of God of War in Japan.

The following team members will be present during the AMA to answer questions:

  • Ron Allen – Lead Designer

  • Shay Casey – Lead UI/UX Designer

  • Darren Chisum – Lead AI Programmer

  • Paul Deakin – Audio Lead

  • Eric Jensen – Lead Open World Designer

  • Romulo Rodriguez – Lead Mission Designer

  • Russ Severe – Environment Team Lead

  • Wenceslao Villanueva – Lead Technical Game Designer

  • Elyse Lemoine – Narrative Game Designer

Although the game has seen commercial success, its critical reception has been quite divisive, with outlets like ours praising it, and others being left disappointed. Much of that may stem from review copies going out before the game was quite ready, as numerous patches have fixed issues cited in those early reviews. It’s unclear if the game has sold well enough for Sony to make its money back, especially when you consider the game’s exorbitant TV ad costs, which were almost $8 million.

So far, there have been some interesting questions asked by the community, ranging from inquiries about New Game Plus, to more technical requests that will hopefully be addressed tomorrow.

It’ll be exciting to get to talk with some of the leads developers of Days Gone tomorrow. Just remember to stop by Reddit at 2pm PT for a chance at having your questions answered. What will you ask Sony Bend about Days Gone? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter]