star ocean first departure ps4

Square Enix Announces Star Ocean: First Departure R, a Remake of the PSP Remake

Square Enix has announced Star Ocean: First Departure R for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch – a high-definition remake of the 2007 PlayStation Portable remake of the original 1996 Super Famicom game.

For those not familiar with the coveted franchise, Star Ocean is set in space on a planet named Roak, where a Defense Force is deployed to ensure the town’s safety and security. Defense Force members Roddick (protagonist), Millie, and Dorn encounter a mysterious and contagious disease one day, which turns people into stone. Turns out, the disease is a biological weapon that is being used against a multi-planetary Terran Alliance, who then teams up with Defense Force to figure out how to prevent the attack.

No further details have been announced but you can check out some key features of the original release below:

  • Enter battle either using basic melee attacks, special arts that require MP points and that can grow more powerful with use, or spells that also require MP points but take time to cast and can be interrupted before completion.
  • Tactics let you set strategy commands for your characters before they enter battle and can be changed in the middle of battle. All characters will fight according to their set strategy, with different situations requiring different strategies.
  • Private actions are sometimes offered as a character approaches a town on the world map. These private actions depend on timing as well as which characters you have with you as you enter town. The outcome of these private actions will affect subsequent private actions, for better or worse.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.