PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 6.70 Is Live Now

The latest PlayStation 4 firmware update is now live, so prepare for 6.70. Don’t get too excited though, as the update doesn’t do anything too substantial. According to the patch notes, it “improves system performance.”

Update 6.70 won’t take up too much of your precious hard drive space, clocking in at just 460MB. The update seems to be optional, as well, as you’re still able to use the PlayStation Network without installing it.

Sony is trying to keep the spotlight on its properties going into E3. While this PS4 update isn’t substantial, Sony has stolen the show this week with more rumors pointing to The Last Of Us Part II’s release date, the Days of Play sale, and the big Death Stranding reveal. We also got word that June’s PS Plus games would include two beloved titles that lots of people are talking about. Releasing a firmware update will only keep the conversation going.

Update 6.70 will install onto your system automatically if you have this feature enabled, which usually requires a few button prompts when you first sign in. But since 6.70 only improves system performance and is a minor update, it was live and ready to go when I booted up my system.

As the PS4’s lifecycle winds down and Sony ramps up for the next generation, it will be interesting to see what kind of firmware updates we’ll start seeing for the platform. There likely isn’t anything major in the works, as Sony seems to be shifting their focus towards the PS5.

Hopefully, the PS5 will inherit all of the beloved features from the PS4, with lots of technical improvements to keep things modern. Are there any other PS4 improvements you’d like to see before the launch of the PS5? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: PlayStation Support]