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Get $10 off Final Fantasy VII Remake if You Preorder Right Now

If you’re planning to pick up Final Fantasy VII Remake, then you might want to get yourself on that preorder list right now. Now that we finally have a release date and the game is up for purchase, Square Enix wants to add even more incentive to get you to buy it right now. Over on Amazon, you can currently preorder Final Fantasy VII Remake for only $49.94.

Final Fantasy VII Remake appeared at E3 2019 in a big way, first with a huge presentation at Square Enix’s showcase, and then with hands-on gameplay available on the show floor. We received tons of new details, including how the combat system works, Tifa finally making an appearance, and continued talk about how many different games the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split up into.

We know that Final Fantasy VII Remake’s first release will just be the Midgar section of the story, but that it’s been expanded so much that the game will take up two Blu-ray discs, and presumably a pretty massive file size, for those who prefer to go digital. This includes deeper and more expressive characters (which isn’t hard to do given the low polygons and lack of voices in the original), and digging into details that may have only been touched upon in the original game.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on March 3, 2020, but there’s no telling how long this preorder deal will last, so make sure to jump on over to Amazon and grab these saving before Sephiroth strikes them down. We’ve still got a long ways to go before release, and we’re certain to see more information trickle out about the game before then. If you’re hesitantly waiting on more details, maybe that $10 isn’t worth it to you. But if this one was on your list anyway, there’s no better time to grab it.

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