Rejoice, NieR: Automata Fans! Devola and Popola Are Also Getting Figurines

Calling all NieR: Automata fans looking to add to their ever-expanding figurine collection, a new set of action figures are currently up for preorder. This time, however, protagonist 2B is not leading the charge. Instead, twin sisters Devola and Popola are getting the spotlight, thanks to Square Enix’s Bring Arts line of figures.

The figurines of the two android sisters will be sold as a set for $134.99. As expected, because Devola and Popola are twins, the figures are very similar to one another, same dimensions and all. Of course, there are a few key differences, though, such as their hairstyles and facial expressions. In addition to the figures themselves, the packaging will also feature the Type-3 Sword, four hand parts, and an extra head for each of them. The Bring Arts set for Devloa and Popola will begin shipping later this year in November. Preorders are currently live on the Square Enix website.

Details on each of the figures are wildly impressive, especially considering the points of articulation. For a closer look at what to expect, check out the image gallery below:

Square Enix’s Bring Arts line includes a host of other NieR: Automata figures, too. Much of the collection was unveiled in 2018 during a concert event in Japan. A few in the collection, like the Machine Lifeform Set and the Kaine figurines, are presently available for purchase on the Square Enix website.

Given NieR: Automata’s incredible success, it’s no wonder new merchandise continues to launch for it. Just recently, not long after celebrating its second-year anniversary, the title was revealed to have sold over four million units across the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms. This announcement came only a few months after news hit of the title’s reaching 3.5 million in sales worldwide. Thus, NieR: Automata’s sales continue to grow, an impressive feat for what is widely considered a niche game.

[Source: Square Enix via DualShockers]