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PlayStation 4 Will Get a Physical Version of Oninaki, But Not in the US

Good news for collectors of physical editions of games. Tokyo RPG Factory’s Oninaki will receive a physical version. Unfortunately, this good news does not apply to US residents who may be interested in such an offer, unless you are fine with having to import a copy, of course. Physical editions of Oninaki are already up for preorder on Play-Asia’s website and cost $53.99 USD.

Tokyo RPG Factory, the studio behind I Am Setsuna, revealed Oninaki earlier this year during a Nintendo Direct. The title has received a few more sneak peeks since then, but really hit its stride during Square Enix’s E3 2019 presentation. There, a new trailer for Oninaki was shown off, featuring the August 22nd release date reveal. Thankfully, fans of Tokyo RPG Factory in Western territories and Japan will be able to experience its latest adventure on the same summer 2019 date.

For a look at what to expect from Oninaki, check out the E3 trailer below:

In Oninaki, players will adopt the role of Kagachi, who works as a Watcher in charge of preserving laws of reincarnation. To accomplish this, Watchers are tasked with guiding Lost Souls out of the world of the living. Admittedly, this does not seem an easy responsibility, since the protagonist will carry numerous weapons on their person, each of them customizable to best combat whatever threats are encountered along the journey.

Developer Tokyo RPG Factory is building quite the stable of JRPG titles. I Am Setsuna launched in 2016 to reasonable praise. The studio released a follow-up in 2018 with Lost Sphear. Might Oninaki serve as another evolution of the developer’s JRPG formula? It certainly seems possible. Fans will get to decide for themselves soon enough.

Tokyo RPG Factory’s Oninaki will come to the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam) later this summer on August 22nd.

[Source: Play-Asia]