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A Classic Table Top Game Gets the PlayStation VR Treatment Today

Sometimes, it’s difficult to get a group of friends together for a table top game experience. Schedules don’t align, a few people live a little too far away, or not everyone has the time to devote to a lengthy campaign. It appears these problems have been largely resolved where Catan is concerned. A virtual reality adaptation of the table top board game from Klaus Teuber comes to the PlayStation VR today.

With Catan VR, a myriad of game experiences are on offer. For those who want to enjoy the multiplayer offerings, that’s available with either friends or others online. The PlayStation Blog post about the title from developer Geoffrey Zatkin also noted the “Discord-based Catan VR tournament group.” Catan VR’s online community can use the social space to coordinate games, grow the community, and more.

Playing as a lone wolf is yet another option. Thanks to the game’s AI capabilities, which were developed alongside Klaus Teuber, players will be pitted against opponents whose tactical abilities appropriately scale with the difficulty levels. However, these same AI opponents will have their own personalities, which match that of those in other Catan experiences.

For a look at what to expect from Catan VR, check out the title’s trailer in the video linked below:

The Settlers of Catan, often simply referred to as Catan, originated as a table top board game about settling. In this multiplayer experience, players must settle land, trade goods, and garner resources to build a lasting colony on the island of Catan. In addition to creating settlements, players must also build roads and cities. Whichever player reaches 10 points in the game takes the victory.

Since its 1995 debut in Germany, the board game and its many iterations have sold over 30 million copies worldwide. It seems PSVR fans unfamiliar with Catan are in for a treat.

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