Sony Is Looking Into Acquiring More Game Developers

We could see the Sony Interactive Entertainment family grow even more. While nothing concrete has emerged, SIE CEO Jim Ryan confirmed that the company is at least considering acquiring even more studios and game companies.

Ryan gave the news in an interview with Nikkei, stating that increasing competition in the video game industry could push Sony to increase the number of studios under its control. With established giants like Google entering the fray, Ryan emphasizes the importance of exclusive content, saying it’s “becoming more important than ever before.”

It’s not necessarily surprising to see Sony look at potential acquisitions. In the past year, Microsoft has been making headlines for its unprecedented acquisitions of various developers. Former third-party studios, like Ninja Theory, Compulsion Games, and Obisidian Entertainment, are all now under the Microsoft umbrella. Its most recent acquisition is Psychonauts developer Double Fine Productions, which was announced at E3 2019.

We’re rapidly approaching the next generation of consoles. With the PlayStation 5 strongly rumored to be releasing in Fall 2020, what better way to enter the new generation than with a new stable of studios? Sony is reportedly focusing on AAA games in the next generation, and ramping up its slate of exclusives certainly falls in-line with that.

Consolidation of media companies is becoming more and more common over all forms of entertainment overall. As consumption of content becomes even more digital-focused, we’ve seen landmark deals like the merger of Disney and 21st Century Fox, as well as AT&T and Time Warner. The same has undoubtedly been true about the video game industry, as well, as emphasized by the number of acquisitions from THQ Nordic.

As for what studios could be on Sony’s radar, that’s anyone’s guess. Earlier in 2019, some truly wild rumors emerged that Sony was in talks to acquire Take-Two Interactive, home of 2K, Rockstar Games, and more. However, those rumors were quickly debunked. Insomniac Games is responsible for some of the most iconic PlayStation series, from Spyro the Dragon to Marvel’s Spider-Man. That’s definitely a possibility, as well.

Again, though, Sony has not outright confirmed that it is currently in talks with any studios. What studios would you like to see Sony take under its wing? Let us know!

[Source: Nikkei via Gematsu]