Cue the ‘Jungle Music’ for Hitman 2’s July Roadmap

IO Interactive recently launched the last of its June 2019 content for Hitman 2, and the team is already laying out plans for the next few weeks. Hitman 2’s roadmap for July is here, and IO has plenty in store for the Jungle Music-themed month ahead.

The first bit of content is an Escalation Contract scheduled to go live on July 4th. It perfectly befits the Jungle Music theme, too, as it requires Agent 47 to complete objectives related to cellists. From there, a whole host of additional content will surface throughout the month. It includes Featured Contracts, a new Challenge Pack, a Legacy Elusive Target, another Escalation Contract, and more.

In a newly launched update video, IO Interactive’s Community Manager, Clemons E. Koch, ran through a few of the more important additions in the July update. Check out the video below:

One major addition is the Legacy Elusive Target that will launch on July 19th. It stars The Badboy, a character originally featured in 2016’s Hitman. He’ll be available for 10 days, and only players who own the Legacy Pack can participate in his potential demise on the Sapienza map.

A new Sniper Assassin map, part of the Expansion Pack Content, serves as another big update coming later in the month. The second Sniper Assassin map is set to go live on July 30th and will take Agent 47 to the incredibly cold climate of Siberia. While there, Agent 47 will take on “The Prison” level. Players who achieve full mastery will gain access to the Druzhina 34 ICA Arctic sniper rifle, which will then become available for use in Hitman 2’s various sandbox locales.

July 30th will also see the launch of Anniversary Outfits, all of which will be free to anyone with access to a IOI Account. Fortunately, signing up for said account is completely free. The three outfits included in the free content pack are as follows: The Futo Suit, The Lynch Suit, and The Freedom Phantom Suit.

For a quick look at all the July Roadmap will bring to Hitman 2, check out the following graphic:

Hitman 2 July Roadmap

Hitman 2 is out now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: IO Interactive]