Spider-Man: Far From Home Director Says Spider-Man PS4 Didn’t Have Any Influence on the Movie

Spider-Man: Far From Home Director, Jon Watts, has told IGN that despite the video game Easter egg and some similarities between the movie and the hit PlayStation 4 game, Far From Home isn’t influenced by the Insomniac Games title.

When asked about any potential influences, Watts said:

It didn’t [influence the movie], only because I started playing the game while we were shooting – and I played it just one weekend on my day off. I was I can’t do this. I can’t let my break time from Spider-Man also be Spider-Man. I need to find another game to play.

Then during post-[production] we played Red Dead [Redemption]. There was something very comforting about you’d be editing all day and then you’d go home and get some stew and pet your horse. That’s the only thing where it starts to mirror real life is when your character just turns into Jake Gyllenhaal. Do you know that whole thing? That’s the multiplayer game, but you can make your character look exactly like Jake Gyllenhaal, so that was the only thing where it felt like Mysterio was invading my life.

Watts also revealed that he enjoyed playing God of War during the movie’s production.

Insomniac Games developers recently said that they were ecstatic to see the video game reference in the movie, and burst into applause when the scene played.

While the movie and the video game are separate, both have wooed fans over in their own ways.

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[Source: IGN]

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