The ‘Tom Clancy Umbrella’ Allows Ubisoft to Explore Multiple Game Genres

It may not seem like it, but what Ubisoft internally refers to as the “Tom Clancy umbrella” allows the publisher to explore myriad types of games. Sure, at their core, the likes of Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon are military shooters. However, the content and the way in which players experience these titles and other Tom Clancy games is quite different. In a recent interview with, Ubisoft’s EMEA Director, Alain Corre, broke down the level of variety Tom Clancy titles bring to the publisher’s stable of IP.

During the interview, Corre explained that each of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy offerings appealed to different player preferences. RPG fans, for instance, may find The Division series more applicable to their personal tastes. Corre told,

We’re proposing under the Tom Clancy umbrella a lot of kinds of games. If you take The Division 2 or Ghost Recon, they are really different and are not geared towards the same gameplay. Ghost Recon is really something for every kind of shooter fan–co-op, multiplayer–so it’ll please everybody. That’s really something for the shooter category. If you take The Division 2, it’s more for the people who like RPGs and want to play for a long time, like the Dead Zone where you have some intense combat schemes. The gameplay is different.

Corre has a point. In many respects these games are wildly different. The recently unveiled Rainbow Six Quarantine serves as but another example, especially as it will greatly differ from other entries in the series. A three-player co-op shooter, Quarantine is set to offer a PvE experience, whereas Rainbow Six Siege challenges players with PvP action. Quarantine’s apparent survival elements will also differentiate it from several other Tom Clancy titles.

All of this took center stage during the publisher’s E3 2019 press conference, which seemed replete with gritty action games intended for adult audiences. Yet, the show did close on a much lighter note, courtesy of Gods & Monsters. According to Corre, the colorful game from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey studio, Ubisoft Quebec, will add another wrinkle to Ubisoft’s lineup, introducing a more family-friendly experience to the mix. Of Gods & Monsters, Corre had the following to say,

…we wanted to bring something fresh and to show that we are doing a lot of different games. Gods & Monsters will be a 12+ game, so that will go out to families, and we wanted to show the variety and diversity of what we had. We had a lot of Clancy games and we wanted to show that besides the Just Dance we are doing, that we have games for the family, too.

Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy experience will arrive later this year in the form of another Ghost Recon entry, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The Wildlands follow up will hit store shelves for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms on October 4th.