Beat Saber Getting New Free Songs Next Week, Beat Games Teases With a Cat Picture

As the most successful VR game of all time—the first one to reach one million units soldBeat Saber has recaptured the rhythm game craze without the cumbersome plastic instruments. Still relatively early in its life, Beat Games is committed to bringing new music into the game, both with paid packs and free content updates. And if all goes according to plan, it looks like a few new free songs—yes, songs plural—will be heading to the game next week.

Beat Games teased the new free songs in a tweet, saying that they are currently in testing and the aim is to release them to the world next week.

In addition to announcing the incoming free songs, the tweet also offered a cryptic picture of a shocked cat which is apparently a tease for one of the songs. Beat Games also confirmed that the free songs are licensed songs that already exists, not original creations by the Beat Saber team. In the past, we’ve gotten songs like K/DA’s “POP/STARS” and Noisestorm’s “Crab Rave.” POP/STARS was in connection with League of Legends, and Crab Rave was an additional Monstercat label song that was not included in Beat Saber’s first paid music pack.

Beat Saber’s most recent paid content was the Imagine Dragons music pack, showing that the developer is committed to bringing various styles of music into the game, not just electronic. It’s unknown whether these new free songs are related to the Imagine Dragons pack, are more electronic music, or are going to be something completely new. We’d guess that you have until Tuesday to try to work out what that shocked cat picture could mean before Beat Games reveals the new Beat Saber free songs themselves.

What do you think the picture is teasing? What music do you want to see come to Beat Saber in the future, whether free or paid? Let us know in the comments below.