Borderlands 3 Box Art Could’ve Featured a Psycho’s Foot on the Cover

Following the unveiling of Borderlands 3, one question invaded the mind of many a fan. How will the franchise’s third mainline entry receive numerical representation on the cover art? The first title featured a Borderlands Psycho pointing a finger-gun at his own head. Borderlands 2 followed suit, with a Psycho pointing two fingers at his head in a similar fashion. Curiously, Borderlands 3 nearly took things to the next level, adding a foot to the mix. Obviously, this isn’t what Gearbox went with, but fans got a glimpse of original box art concepts during San Diego Comic-Con.

At a “Museum of Mayhem” showing on SDCC 2019’s show floor, fans were able to see some of Gearbox’s earlier plans for the Borderlands 3 cover. According to ResetEra user, Vestan, there were a total of 15 mock-up images on display. Vestan managed to capture photos of about a dozen of them. They’re all visually appeasing in their own special way, though some are subjectively more appealing than others. One of the especially creative concepts features a Psycho with both hands positioned below his chin as finger-guns. Placed between his hands is a third appendage, a foot that can in no way shape or form be his own.

Check it out in the image below. Seriously, that foot can’t be his, right? Maybe it belongs to a victim who isn’t pictured?

borderlands 3 box art

Arguably, this looks better than the official box art, which is heavily inspired by works depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ. Instead of Jesus with a heart, the Borderlands 3 cover features a Psycho with a grenade. It’s still emblematic of the franchise’s zaniness, but the concept art depicted above bears much more in common with previous covers from the series.

Borderlands 3 is slated to launch in a couple of months on September 13th. Preorders are already live online and at various retailers for the base game and its three different Special Editions.

[Source: ResetEra via Game Informer]