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The MediEvil Remake Developers Are Using the Original Source Code as a Basis

The developers behind the upcoming remake of MediEvil are using the game’s original PS1 source code as a basis for building the project. In a developer diary released by Sony, Other Ocean Interactive’s Mike Mika and Jeff Nachbaur talked about using the source code to go further than just recreating a carbon copy of the original title. What the team wanted to do was capture the feeling and takeaways players got from the game in 1998, while creating something that feels newer and more refined for modern audiences.

Other Ocean Interactive has been in contact with some of the original team and with that, the team has been able to use their original direction to pave the way towards a modern remake. One of the most difficult things that came with reimagining MediEvil had to do with the enemy types. There are 56 different enemies in the original game. According to Nachbaur, that’s even higher than many AAA games on the market right now.

There were also a number of boss battles and areas that were cut from the original MediEvil. Due to the sporadic nature of game development cycles, even back then, some things tend to get cut before a game’s launch. While it’s never specifically confirmed in the video, perhaps fans and newcomers will see these omissions make it into the game for the first time ever. The PS1 title was relatively short, so it would definitely be awesome to see these additions lengthen the overall game.

You can see the behind the scenes video with Other Ocean below.

MediEvil will launching exclusively on the PS4 on October 25, 2019. It’ll be one of Sony’s biggest exclusive titles this year, alongside Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding in November. Overall, the PS4 has been light on big exclusives this year when compared to last year, which saw the release of God of War, Spider-Manand Detroit: Become HumanNevertheless, MediEvil is a small but iconic game in Sony’s vast PlayStation library.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time Sony has tried to remake the original title. In 2005, a reimagining of MediEvil came in the form of MediEvil: Ressurection on the PSP. Since then, the series has remained dormant but the main character Daniel did make an appearance in 2012’s PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale