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Need for Speed Heat Doesn’t Have an Always-Online Requirement

In recent years, many games have required online connections. Even 2015’s Need for Speed entry asked that players have an internet connection and be online. It appears Need for Speed Heat will feature no such requirement. Players who want to enjoy the new installment offline and by themselves will be able to do so at their leisure.

This news comes courtesy of Twinfinite, which recently sat down with NFS Heat‘s producer and lead designer during gamescom 2019. When asked about offline options, they reportedly said that playing completely offline is an option. However, those who want to play online will also have options geared towards their preferred experience.

While playing offline and solo is an option that some players will likely utilize, there are advantages to online play. One concerns each player’s “heat level.” Heat references how much trouble a driver is in with the police. The more heat a player has, the more likely cops are to turn their attention towards them. While online, players with less heat can strategically position themselves near players with more heat, diverting police officers’ focus elsewhere.

Electronic Arts and developer Ghost Games officially announced NFS Heat last week. At the time, only cursory details about the title were unveiled. With gamescom 2019 well underway, additional information is emerging. During Gamescom: Opening Night Live, a gameplay trailer hit the web, featuring details about customization, the significance of heat levels, and more. In addition, a new companion app called NFS Heat Studio launched, which fans can use to customize their NFS Heat vehicles while on the go. The app is currently live on Android and iOS devices.

Need for Speed Heat will hit the PS4, PC, and Xbox One platforms later this year on November 8th. Fans with an Origin Access Premier membership can grab the game a few days early on November 5th.

[Source: Twinfinite]