Kojima Confirms First-Person View for Death Stranding

Every now and then, Kojima shares a nugget of news about Death Stranding on his personal Twitter account. Remember, this is how he first announced the kind of genre Death Stranding will be. Interestingly enough, he expanded upon this very thought in a recent tweet, which also unveiled a pretty intriguing tidbit. Kojima’s latest title will feature first-person viewing options. However, the Creative Director was quick to note this does not mean it can be classified a first-person shooter.

Unfortunately, Kojima didn’t offer too many more details about this new revelation. As such, it’s not clear how exactly the first-person feature will work. See his tweet on the topic in the tweet linked below:

When Kojima tweets, there still tend to be a few questions. Whether or not he plans to elaborate further on any of the points mentioned above is presently anyone’s guess. Maybe some of this will make sense once Death Stranding is shown at the Tokyo Game Show in September. According to Kojima, more gameplay will be shown off during TGS, which will kick off on September 12th and end on September 15th.

During gamescom, Kojima unleashed a new look at gameplay. Since then, we’ve received a bit more insight about the game’s overall premise thanks to behind-closed-doors press footage, which recently leaked online.

Death Stranding will launch later this year on November 8th for the PlayStation 4. Its multiple special editions are currently available to preorder online and at retail. Shortly after the game launches, Titan Books will release an official art book, The Art of Death Stranding.

[Source: Hideo Kojima on Twitter]