Destiny 2 shadowkeep season of the undying roadmap

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Roadmap Highlights Season of the Undying Events, a Raid Challenge, New Dungeon, and More

We’re less than three short weeks from the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, New Light, Season of the Undying, and a whole lot of “new” as Destiny moves into it’s sixth year. With October 1 rapidly approaching, Bungie is getting players ready for what comes next. If you want to know how to plan your time around the (slightly shortened) Season of the Undying event schedule, the latest handy roadmap provides some dates and gives some insights into what to expect during October and November. Click on the image below to see the roadmap enlarged.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Season of the Undying Roadmap

October 1 – 

  • Shadowkeep launches
  • Season of the Undying begins
  • Destiny 2 New Light launches; free to play base game
  • Seasonal Update free for all players:
    • Moon destination
    • Seasonal Artifact
    • Finishers
    • Armor 2.0
    • New Strikes
      • The Festering Core
      • The Scarlet Keep
    • Crucible Updates
      • Widow’s Court; Reprised PVP Map
      • Twilight Gap; Reprised PVP Map
      • Fragment; New PVP Map
      • Crucible Labs: Elimination
    • Seasonal Rank Rewards

October 5 – 

  • Garden of Salvation Raid Launch (Shadowkeep)
  • Vex Offensive activity begins (Season of the Undying)

October 8 – 

  • Hero and Legend Nightmare Hunts added (Shadowkeep)

October 15 – 

  • Master Nightmare Hunts added (Shadowkeep)
  • Iron Banner (Free)

October 22 – 

  • Exotic Quest for Leviathan’s Breath bow (Season of the Undying)

October 29 – 

  • Festival of the Lost seasonal event begins; runs through November 19 (Free)
  • New PVP Mode: Momentum Control (Free)
  • Shadowkeep Dungeon launch (Shadowkeep)
  • Exotic Quest for Divinity trace rifle (Shadowkeep)

November 5 – 

  • First Raid Challenge (Shadowkeep)

November 19 – 

  • Vex Offensive: Final Assault (Season of the Undying)

That’s as far as the calendar goes, with the “Final Assault” probably marking the last few weeks of Vex Offensive before that seasonal activity goes away, with the narrative arc leading into the the Season of the Dawn that will most likely kick off in early December (my guess would be December 10, to allow players three weeks to participate in the “Final Assault” event, but that timeline hasn’t been confirmed by Bungie).

November is notably devoid of new launches and events, though most of it will be taken up by the Festival of the Lost and the Vex Offensive Final Assault, as well as the mysterious “First Raid Challenge” that happens at the beginning of the month.

Everything kicks off with the launch of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the free-to-play New Light, and the Season of the Undying on October 1.

[Source: Bungie]