Persona 5 Royal Crossover DLC Will Include Boss Fights Against Persona 3 and 4 Characters

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to see what would happen if the characters from various Persona games fought each other, then it seems like Persona 5 Royal will be offering that opportunity. The main characters from both Persona 3 and Persona 4 will be added to Persona 5 Royal as boss fights post launch.

Announced in yesterday’s Morgana’s Report video, we got to learn a little bit about the DLC that will be added to Persona 5 Royal after the game launches. Perhaps the most interesting bit of news was a pair of boss fights that will be added for Joker and the Phantom Thieves to undertake in the Velvet Room. One is against the main protagonist from Persona 3, while the other against the one from Persona 4. Both will be extra challenging, meaning you’re going to have to bring all your skills to each fight.

In addition to this pair of boss fights, there’s also another little bit of cross game promotion. If you were particularly attracted to the chibi look of the Persona characters in 3DS cross-over game Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, you’ll also be able to download skins to make your characters look more like them. The skins will be for the full party, making them all little compact adorable anime chibis. There’s also DLC costumes featuring the gear the characters could wear in spin-off rhythm game Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight.

The video also spent time talking about a new feature in Persona 5 Royal called My Palace. This basically serves as a customizable home base for the Phantom Thieves, allowing you somewhere to rest between raids. You’ll be able to talk to friends, customize the hideout with the stuff you unlock, play little minigames, and even change which character you control in case you want to give Joker a break for a while.

Persona 5 Royal will be launching in Japan on October 31st, 2019. A release date still hasn’t been confirmed for the west outside of the vague spring 2020, although a recent Game Informer interview hints that we may be getting the game in March 2020.