Atlus Will Host a Japanese Persona 5 Royal Stream for Newcomers to the Series

As an enhanced version of 2017’s Persona 5Persona 5 Royal is bound to attract newcomers to Atlus’ long-running franchise. Joining a series in a latter entry can be tough, though, especially for those who have no real connection to the series in question. Luckily, Atlus has already thought through this conundrum. For people who want to learn more about the franchise (and can speak Japanese), the company will host a “Newcomer” livestream on September 27th.

The aptly titled “Let’s Players Gathering! Persona 5 Royal Newcomer Preparation Special” will go live on September 27th at 8:00pm JST/6:00am CST. This broadcast is primarily intended for those in Japan who are interested in Persona, but have never actually given it a try. Throughout the stream, the hosts will address what Persona is and the best entry point into the franchise.

Set to participate in the special are a number of Persona 5 Let’s Players, such as Belle, Komichin, Nega Honkyochi, Sepia, and a few others. Yoshiyuki Hirai, one half of the comedy duo America Zarigani, will host the broadcast event for Atlus. But we don’t know other details about it, like how long it will last. Those interested in the stream can tune into it on Atlus’ YouTube channel. (Again, it will only be in Japanese, with no translation offered.)

Persona 5 Royal will have old and new content. Notably, this enhanced iteration of the experience will feature a brand-new character named Kasumi, who supposedly won’t make things easy for the Phantom Thieves. Even Persona 5’s soundtrack has undergone some changes. The enhanced edition is set to feature a total of 20 new tracks, which may please fans of the game’s already celebrated OST.

Persona 5 Royal is slated to launch on the PlayStation 4 in Japan on October 31st. The game won’t come westward until an unspecified date in spring 2020.

[Source: Atlus via Gematsu]