Melted PS4 Still Works After Surviving House Fire

Falling victim to a house fire is an absolute nightmare scenario. Losing belongings and the memories associated with them, amongst a whole host of other serious issues that can be reared, would be enough to keep almost anybody down. One Redditor found a silver lining in their unfortunate situation, however, taking to the official PlayStation subreddit to post a snap of their melted PS4 and news that it “still works for now.”

The gnarled black plastic and freshly exposed metal innards of the console have drawn comparisons to The Terminator, a character that was recently added to the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. Regardless, the fact that the console hardware is visibly in terrible shape—falling apart, even—yet continues to function is mighty impressive and a testament to Sony’s work on the design. The melted PS4 is specifically a PlayStation 4 Slim model, which launched in September 2016 and shrunk the more bulky original launch PS4 down into a more compact package.

In what’s probably sound advice, many in the Reddit thread have suggested that using the console is unsafe and should be avoided regardless of the fact it appears to function normally. Others joke “what’s the worst that can happen” when introducing a fire hazard to an already fire-damaged house, though one good samaritan has stepped up to offer a custom camouflage replacement shell to the victim.

It’s great to see a member of the PlayStation community come to the aid of another with only Sony’s console as the means of connecting them. Once repairs are carried out, hopefully, the severely burned PS4 can make a full recovery and then help its owner unwind during a stressful time by playing video games.

If the console ends up kaput, although we did recently get confirmation of a Holiday 2020 release window, holding out for a PS5 would be an awfully long time to go without a PlayStation.