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Have an Interplanetary Artillery Fight in Worbital, Launching on PlayStation 4 Next Week

If you’ve ever wanted to load up a planet with artillery cannons and then fire those cannons into space, specifically at another planet, then you may want to check out Worbital when it launches on PlayStation 4 on October 18th.

Originally launched on PC back in January, Worbital is finally hitting consoles. The goal of the game is rather simple: you’ll trick a planet out with all sorts of nifty weapons and fire them into the vastness of space hoping to hit other planets. Gravity and momentum will affect your shooting patterns, and you need to make sure you’re aiming carefully so you don’t do something dumb like accidentally orbit into your own missiles. Manage to avoid taking yourself out, and you can hopefully conquer the stars with your weaponized planet. Worbital offers both online and local competitive multiplayer modes, but if you don’t feel like fighting a friend then you can also play through a single-player campaign or run skirmish maps against the AI. Whatever the case, planets are going to explode.

One thing developers Team Jolly Roger noted is that the console launch means more players for those already playing Worbital on PC. While the PlayStation version won’t support cross-play at launch (only PC and Switch players will be able to play together), Team Jolly Roger says they’re working on it and are hoping to get cross-play available for everyone soon. Considering several games recently getting cross-play, such as Brawlhalla and PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds, things are looking hopeful for Worbital getting the feature as well. The developers also said they’ll be using their official Discord to help set up matches, so if you’re looking for something a little more specific then you can hop on into their server to get planning. Even if cross-play doesn’t work out, more weapons will be making their way to Worbital over time. One new weapon that Team Jolly Roger showed off was a ridiculous laser cannon that haphazardly spewed lasers in a single direction, likely causing many hilarious events.