Blood and Truth Update

Free Blood & Truth Update Brings Five New Gun Skill Challenges

If you’ve been enjoying PlayStation VR first-person shooter Blood & Truth, then you may be delighted to know that developer London Studio has gone ahead and given the game another free update. People now have five new gun skill challenges to undertake.

If you’re ready to leave the mean streets of London and get back to the wild west, go for the first challenge. It is based on the quick draw. Armed with just a revolver, you’ll need to quickly draw it from the holster and gun down your opponent when the bell rings. Make use of your other hand here when you can, as fanning the hammer will allow you to fire the revolver faster.

If you’re more of a gun tricks kind of person, another challenge is all based around spinning guns. As long as you have a gun in your hand spinning, targets will keep appearing. As soon as you stop, you can gun down the targets that have appeared, trying to get as many as possible before they vanish.

The third challenge is more based around multitasking, as it will have you drive gears in one hand while shooting targets with the other. You’ll need to keep up with the gears, as it’s the only way to get targets that give you extra time.

The last two challenges revolve around colored weapons and targets. One gives you both a red and blue pistol, one for each hand, and tasks you to shoot the targets of the same color as the pistol. The other gives you a blue pistol and a red rifle, requiring you to quickly swap between both guns so you can hit the targets with the right gun. Either way, you’re going to have to pay close attention to both your gun and the target here.

If you’re a trophy hunter, then you’ll be delighted to know that these gun skill challenges each come with a trophy for performing well, giving you an additional reason to strap the VR headset back on and give Blood & Truth another go.

This isn’t the first free update that Blood & Truth has gotten. Back in July 2019, a new game plus was added, along with five more challenges. Last month saw hard mode and skeet shooting make its way to the game.