Sony Reportedly Refunding Some Fans for WWE 2K20

Since launch, WWE 2K20 has been the center of attention, but it’s not good press. The game is broken, faulty to an unbelievable degree. As a consequence, dissatisfied fans banded together on Twitter to trend #FixWWE2K20. In addition, consumers have been trying to get refunds. The latter attempt seems to be working in the favor of some, though not everyone is as fortunate.

Filing a report on PlayStation’s official Support page serves as the first step for those who purchased the title digitally on PS4. From there, it’s supposedly a matter of luck and happenstance. If you get the right customer service representative, a refund for WWE 2K20 could very well be on its way. One Twitter user made note of this in a post, showing they received a refund not too long after filing a complaint. Another Twitter user had an entirely different experience, being told that refunds are in the publisher’s wheelhouse.

It’s an unfortunate state of affairs to say the least. At the time of writing, it appears 2K is at least trying to address everyone’s troubles. Many of 2K Support’s most recent tweets advise fans to fill out support tickets on the publisher’s website.

A broken game isn’t the only issue either. Some Collector’s Edition packaging didn’t feature all of the items, such as the Legend Autograph. This, too, has been addressed by 2K Support’s Twitter page. Adding insult to injury, it remains to be seen when WWE 2K20’s myriad bugs will receive a fix in a much-needed patch.

[Source via, Wrestling Inc.]