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Expect ‘Some Announcements’ to Come Out of Annapurna Interactive Next Week

Annpurna Interactive has something interesting up its sleeve, apparently. According to a recent tweet from the indie publisher’s official Twitter account, there are “some announcements” on the way. This reasonably vague tease didn’t offer too much more in the way of concrete information, but is intriguing nonetheless.

The publisher’s tweet is linked below:

This, of course, could entail any number of things. After all, Annapurna Interactive does have quite the robust catalogue. Based on the dozens of comments featured in the above Twitter thread, fans are hoping for Sayanora Wild Hearts news, which launched in September, new Outer Wilds information, or an update to the merch store. Regardless of what Annapurna may or may not have on the cards, fans seems excited.

There exists a wide variety of other possibilities, too. Solar Ash Kingdom, a beautifully stylized title from the Hyper Light Drifter developer, still needs a release date. Additionally, there’s still no word on which consoles it may launch on. Annapurna Interactive may also be ready to unleash launch details about titles not coming to the PlayStation 4, such as 12 Minutes and The Artful Escape. Thankfully, the wait to find out more about the publisher’s plans should be over within the next week or so.

 During the most recent State of Play broadcast, Annapurna and Funomena finally unveiled a release date for Wattam.  The Katamari Damacy creator’s new project was announced five years ago during 2014’s PSX, and will finally launch in February 2020. That said, this upcoming news from Annapurna could quite possibly be something no one would even think to hypothesize about.

[Source: Annapurna Interactive on Twitter]