PSLS Game of the Year Awards best playstation exclusive

PSLS Game of the Year 2019 Awards – Best PlayStation Exclusive Winner

Platform exclusives are most people’s reason for choosing one console over another. Consoles are so similar in power and performance, that it’s the games we can’t experience on the other ones that lend each their unique upper hand. Nintendo exclusives are the exact reason I own a Switch. We should get the elephant in the room addressed immediately. We know that Death Stranding, in particular, is coming to PC, but included it for two reasons. First is that it’s a console exclusive, not on Xbox or Switch. Second is that its PC release hasn’t happened yet, so for the purposes of 2019, it’s completely exclusive to Sony’s console. Here are the PlayStation LifeStyle nominations for Best PlayStation Exclusive in 2019.

Best PlayStation Exclusive 2019 Winner

Death Stranding review 5

Death Stranding

Read our review.

Death Stranding is something special. It’s already won multiple awards this year, both from our staff and readers, and while it can be a divisive game, there’s no denying it’s importance as one of the keystones on the PS4’s legacy. Our review called it an “unmatched” and praised its unique narrative, a message delivered through sometimes arduous gameplay:

“…an important and meaningful experience that earns its payoff through every bit of frustration and slog. It’s a look at life and death, connection and solitude; a game about building up what matters most and supporting each other selflessly. You’ll be bored at times and downright frustrated at others, but it comes with a great reward at the end that is made sweeter by the trials that precede it. It’s brilliantly unique in its design and implementation of online elements.”

Reader’s Choice Winner

Death Stranding

Though Days Gone received a close second, ultimately Death Stranding came out on top as the PSLS reader’s choice PlayStation exclusive this year. Our readers agreed with its unique importance as something defining in 2019. Whether you loved the game, hated it, or never even played it, it undoubtedly took hold of the conversation this year. Even as divisive as it was, it seems that people loved it enough to give it top marks, particularly now that they’ve had enough time to digest the experience and think back on what it meant to them.

Don’t miss our full lineup of winners and nominees for the PlayStation LifeStyle Game of the Year awards. We’ll be revealing our Game of the Year award next!