Expect New Details to Emerge About Nioh 2 Every Week Until Launch

Since the open beta and subsequent survey results, Team Ninja has been pretty silent about Nioh 2. Thankfully, that will soon change in a big way. From next week until the sequel’s launch in March, the developer plans to unveil new details on a weekly basis.

Nioh 2’s official Japanese Twitter account shared a message from Director Fumihiko Yasuda. In the message, he tells fans to “look forward to” the upcoming weekly announcements. However, he does not specify what exactly fans should anticipate. As previously noted, the first round of details will go live sometime next week, though it’s unclear exactly when or where the information will be shared. Yet, given the delivery of this particular news, it stands to reason fans may want to keep an eye on the game’s Twitter profile.

Following the open beta last fall, Team Ninja released notes outlining the fixes it aims to tackle before Nioh 2’s full release. Most notably, the studio is working to alter Dark Realm penalties. Refinements are also in the works for gameplay and level design, Ki management, balancing issues, and the User Interface.

Nioh 2 will land on the PlayStation 4 in less than two months on March 13th. Preorders are currently open for both the standard version and the Special Edition at multiple retailers. The Special Edition costs $79.99, with a copy of the game, steelbook case, art book, and Season Pass packaged within. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available to preorder on the PlayStation Store. It includes a PS4 Avatar, Theme, and a couple of in-game extras.

[Source: Nioh Game on Twitter]