Apex Legends Season 4

Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation Begins February, Adds ‘Charismatic’ New Legend, Battle Pass, and Weapon

The mega-successful Apex Legends is approaching its first birthday soon and developer Respawn Entertainment is celebrating with the launch of Season 4, titled Assimilation. The new batch of content coming at the opening of the season will include a “charismatic” Legend, a new Battle Pass, a deadly weapon, and updates to Ranked series. It will kick off starting on February 4, 2020, across all platforms.

The highlight of Season 4 is Forge, a new Legend who is described as “confident yet humble.” This all-new character is a powerhouse, with the ability to use his Shatter Gauntlets to “batter his opponents into submission.” Forge is a melee-based Legend who specializes in hand-to-hand combat, as evidenced by his MMA Hyper Fighting Federation champion status.

A 21-minute Apex Legends Season 4 “Devstream” aired yesterday, featuring a closer look at what to expect when the new season releases. You can check it out below:

Season 4 will also introduce a fresh Battle Pass, featuring over 100 more unlockable items like skins, Apex Packs, and other goodies. One of the other highlights coming next season is the new Sentinel bolt-action sniper rifle, perfect for shredding through your enemies. And there’s lots to look forward to with the launch of Ranked Series 3 which kicks off alongside Assimilation. Here’s what Ranked Series 3 has in store:

  • Moving to Splits per season, ~6 weeks of ranked play before a reset
  • Adding Master Tier, Apex Predator becomes top 500 players by platform.
  • Soft reset and scoring are the same, but soft reset is every split.
  • Dive trails will be moving to a seasonal reward model, but Series 1 & 2 players are grandfathered in

Don’t forget, you’ll get to reap the rewards following the conclusion of Ranked Series 2, so be sure to check into Apex Legends to grab your hard-earned items next month.

Last year, publisher EA stated it planned to keep Respawn “hyper-focused” on Apex Legends in 2020, and the launch of Assimilation is just the beginning of that initiative. The publisher has a 10-year run planned for the battle royale shooter, though it’s unclear how the next generation consoles fit into that plan.

For now, there’s no shortage of Apex Legends content to enjoy, and you can jump back in with Season 4 starting on February 4th.

[Source: Electronic Arts]