Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size

Report: Leaked Box Art Says Final Fantasy VII Remake File Size is 100 GB

We already know that Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be big enough to come on two Blu-ray discs if you get the physical version, but just how does that translate to hard drive space? According to a reported leak of the Final Fantasy VII Remake file size from the game’s cover art, those two discs will still eat up 100 GB on your hard drive. There’s no telling exactly how that translates over to the digital version, though other reports from late last year put it at around 76 GB, which calls the 100GB file size for the physical version into question.

The alleged leak came from a now-deleted post on Reddit. A user claimed to have an image of the Korean version’s box art calibration sheet (seen in the header image above). It’s unknown why the post was deleted, but there is no additional corroboration confirming that this is the game’s official box art, so take it with a grain of salt. Square Enix has yet to confirm the hard drive requirements for the Final Fantasy VII Remake file size, whether you buy on disc or get it digitally.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is only the Midgar chapter of the game and leaves out the rest of the massive overworld and additional cities and locations that the party eventually visits. Even so, Square Enix promised a full-sized game from this small portion of the game alone, and if the leaked file sizes are any indication, that promise looks to be fulfilled.

Given that it’s coming on two discs, we expect the full game to be massive. Each PS4 Blu-ray disc can hold up to 50 GB. Red Dead Redemption 2 also shipped with two discs—one being the data disc that you downloaded to your hard drive and the other being the play disc that you used while you played the game. Final Fantasy VII Remake could share a similar feature, requiring players to install from one disc before playing using the other. RDR2 took up 99 GB for the physical version and 149 GB for the digital, so if this box art leak is correct, the digital version of Final Fantasy VII Remake could be even more massive.

Even if the image of the box art is real, there’s still no guarantee that the Final Fantasy VII Remake will actually take up the full 100GB. That could just be the recommended open space for download of patches and installation of the game, not the final file size. With the original Reddit post now deleted, there’s a healthy amount of skepticism that this was even a legitimate leak. Until reviewers get their hands on the game and/or Square Enix confirms the file size directly, approach this one with a bit of caution for the time being.

[Source: Reddit; via: Push Square]