Episode 2 of Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake Highlights Story and Characters

In the lead up to Final Fantasy VII Remake’s highly anticipated arrival, Square Enix is sharing a series of documentary-style interviews about the project’s development. The first of such videos, Episode 1: Introduction, provided general background details. Now Episode 2 is online, offering insight into story and characters.

The new part is a bit shorter than the first entry, coming in at just over 16 minutes long. Still, it’s worth watching for Final Fantasy fans and newcomers alike. Akin to Episode 1, Episode 2 features talks with multiple FFVII Remake developers. Those who appear include, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Story and Scenario Designer Kazushige Nojima, Co-Director in charge of Scenario Design, Motomu Toriyama, and Co-Director in charge of Game Design and Programming, Naoki Hamaguchi.

Check out the latest Inside Final Fantasy VII Remake video below:

Following the remake’s imminent release, fans have more Final Fantasy to look forward to as the year carries on. Come September 8th, Square Enix will unleash Final Fantasy VII Remake: World Preview, an art book housing details about the title’s development, characters, and gameplay. On November 17th, Final Fantasy VII Poster Collection will hit stores, featuring 22 full-color posters of FFVII and all of its subsequent tie-ins. Both books have a $24.99 price tag attached. Preorders are now live on the Square Enix Store and Amazon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake launches for the PlayStation 4 next month on April 10th. Due to shipping delays caused by the coronavirus pandemic, however, those who ordered physical copies may not receive the title on time. Square Enix plans to release the remake across other platforms in April 2021, according to recent box art images.