Limbo Developer Playdead Shares Another Tease of Its Next Game

On the heels of news surfacing concerning its deal with Epic Games Publishing, Playdead has revealed another tease of its next project. In a brief Twitter post, the studio behind Limbo and Inside shared a link about new job opportunities, complete with a few seconds of previously unseen footage.

See Playdead’s latest tweet below, the account’s first since June 2018.

The footage, while a video, doesn’t actually move all that much, with just some light movement noted in the fog in the sky. Otherwise, it appears to be a screenshot of a person standing next to what appears to be a moon rover (the antenna of which also moves with the wind). The style seems to fit the side-scrolling nature of the studio’s past two titles.

Apart from ambiguous concept images, which surfaced early in 2018, little else has been shown of Playdead’s still unnamed project. Specific details also remain scarce for the time being. Though, in a November 2018 interview with Danish publication PR, company founder Arnt Jensen hinted that the new game will be “more open” than both Limbo and Inside. At the time, Jensen noted he’d grown “tired of the limitations in 2D games.” He additionally teased, “It will be a somewhat bigger game than the other two. It becomes more open and then it becomes a 3rd person game with a much larger area that you can move around.”

As previously mentioned, Epic Games will publish Playdead’s next title. The publisher also inked deals with Remedy Entertainment and gen Design, the latter of which is led by Shadow of the Colossus visionary Fumito Ueda. All three studios will maintain their independence, own their IPs, and benefit from 50/50 profit shares. This is on top of Epic’s plan to fully fund their forthcoming next-gen projects, which includes paying for developer salaries, production costs, marketing, QA, and other costs.

[Source: Playdead on Twitter]