God of War Creator Lashes out at People Calling Kratos a Misogynist

God of War creator David Scott Jaffe has taken issue with protagonist Kratos being mischaracterized as a misogynist in the earlier titles following the series’ change in direction in 2018.

Quoting an article that delves into the franchise’s history and describes its beginnings as “misogynistic” and “toxic,” before 2018’s redemption arc, Jaffe tweeted that “Kratos was NEVER a misogynist in God of War 1. Like AT ALL,” and it “pisses me off ‘journalists’ continue to retcon that game in order to justify the thesis of their God of War 2018 stories.”

In response to those who pointed out sex sequences involving Kratos, Jaffe clarified that it was consensual sex and had nothing to do with “hating women.”

“Some men these days seem to have gotten the joy of raw, animalistic (and ALWAYS consensual, which this was) sex confused with hating women,” Jaffe argued. “Newsflash: they are nowhere NEAR related. The story is LITERALLY about a guy who is losing himself in meaningless sex and wine to numb his pain.”

Jaffe then went on to explain the premise behind Kratos’ sexual encounters.

Misogyny is defined as a hatred and mistrust of women. That is not on display. Is Kratos using the women for his own selfish purpose? Yep. He totally is. Are they using him for the same? Who knows. But they are all having a good time (and we make that super clear). If you think that casual, consensual sex where the only reason you want to have sex is your own personal gratification is misogyny then ok, that’s what this is. But I’ve never heard that definition used for misogyny.

One thing Jaffe did agree on was that God of War Ascension‘s controversial “Bros Before Hos” trophy was “bad form.” The trophy was later patched but Jaffe also pointed out that he was not involved in Ascension‘s development.

[Source: David Scott Jaffe (Twitter) via GameRevolution]

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