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Following Its Indefinite Delay, The Last of Us Part II Has Been Removed from the PS Store

Last week, Sony and Naughty Dog relayed news of The Last of Us Part II’s indefinite delay. On the heels of the announcement, the sequel’s been delisted from the PlayStation Store. In trying to reach Part II’s PS Store page via, users are met with an “Unable to Find This Page” message. As such, digital preorders for both the standard edition and Digital Deluxe Edition are no longer available.

According to the store’s official support page, fans who previously purchased a digital copy on the PS Store will automatically receive a refund. Those for whom this applies should check their email for additional information. Unsurprisingly, all of the above holds true for Marvel’s Iron Man VR, which has also been indefinitely put on hold due to uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus epidemic.

A screenshot of the refund message on PlayStation Support’s website features below:

 The Last of Us Part 2 PlayStation Store

The possibility of releasing The Last of Us Part II as a digital-only option in May has been posed. However, according to Naughty Dog VP and TLoU co-creator Neil Druckmann, Sony has yet to make such a decision. Either way, both Sony and Naughty Dog are hesitant about launching the sequel at this time, since not everyone will have access to it all at once. A potential digital-only release would further compound the issue. The ability to make digital purchases isn’t ubiquitous across the globe just yet.

Following the title’s delay, Naughty Dog shared a number of previously unseen screenshots. A couple of gameplay clips leaked online, too. Yet, both have since been scrubbed from the internet.

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