Tekken 7 Website is Teasing the Arrival of a ‘Mysterious Fighter’

It looks like Bandai Namco Entertainment is teasing the 50th fighter for Tekken 7, since an update to the game’s official website features a space for character 50 out of 50. The character card features a silhouetted figure, presumably a man with his hands in his pockets. As of writing, it’s not known if the silhouette of this indistinctive fighter is actually reflective of the character’s real look or a mere placeholder image.

A simple sentence also appears on the character card. It reads, “Nothing at all is known about this mysterious fighter.” See a screenshot of the fighter’s page in the image below:

new tekken 7 character

Push Square spotted the update to Bandai Namco’s website, noting that Season 3 of Tekken 7’s post-release content came to a close last month with the launch of Fahkumram. The “mysterious fighter” tease naturally begs the question of whether Bandai Namco may be setting the stage for a roll out of Season 4 DLC releases. For the time being, the publisher itself has yet to confirm as much officially. Either way, fans are bound to learn more about the fighting title’s 50th character soon enough.

Tekken 7 released in early 2015. Since then, Bandai Namco has continuously updated the game with content of both the free and paid variety. This particular installment isn’t doing half bad on the market either. As of December 2019, Tekken 7 had sold through an impressive five million copies worldwide. Such a feat brings the franchise’s total sales to a whopping 49 million units sold since its 1994 debut.

[Source: Bandai Namco via Push Square]