days gone one year anniversary

Days Gone Creators Celebrate One Year Anniversary with Glorious Statistics

A year ago fans received the PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone, a game that is either fantastic or a forgettable, clunky mess depending on who you ask and what day of the week it is. While a game these days set in the zombie apocalypse feels trite–especially considering that whole pandemic thing we’re all currently going through–the Bend Studio-produced horror, adventure game had a lot going for it that kept fans around for the long haul. That dedication paid off, as Bend released a suite of statistics on social media celebrating the game’s one-year-old status.

Rarely do studios give a glimpse into the raw data of playtime from its consumers, so seeing the numbers for a game like Days Gone that wasn’t quite a whirlwind success provides a fascinating insight. With over 200 million total hours played, Days Gone players defeated 45 million hordes of zombies, cleared 32 million infestations, beat 30 million ambush camps, and crossed 30 million checkpoints.

While the raw data of such statistics don’t reveal anything about play habits or how players interacted with Days Gone, it does put into context the sheer number of repetitions involved with even a somewhat successful game. But seeing statistics such as the number of credits spent on bike repairs and the total number of in-game collectibles found by fans is still a treat, even if it isn’t some kind of earth-shattering revelation.

Honestly, the most interesting statistic is the number of photos shared by players, which comes in at over one million photos by 600,000 users, showing that no matter if its the apocalypse or another setting that players love taking fancy pictures. You can bet that will come into play with the new “Create” button on the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

Days Gone is available now exclusively for PlayStation 4.