The Witcher 3 Writer Interested in Exploring Ciri’s Backstory in the Future

What might CD Projekt RED’s next mainline The Witcher entry entail? As of now, there’s nothing substantial to go on. However, everyone has their own hopes and dreams. One popular desire is for the next installment to star Ciri. Even Geralt himself, actor Doug Cockle, has voiced his interest in such a story. Principal Writer on The Witcher 3, Jakub Szamałek, apparently shares this same wish, though he especially seems interested in exploring Ciri’s backstory further.  Szamałek recently divulged that the team’s inability to depict more of Ciri’s past remains one of his biggest regrets.

The writer admitted as much during an interview with VG247. In speaking on his The Witcher 3 regrets, Szamałek told the publication,

I regret we didn’t get to explore Ciri’s past a bit more. She’s such an amazingly rich and complex character. Due to obvious reasons–well, she’s pretty much gone for two thirds of the game–she didn’t get quite as much screen time as we writers would have liked. But hey, maybe it’s something we’ll get to get back to in the future.

Once Cyberpunk 2077 hits stores, CD Projekt RED intends to begin work on another Witcher project. And, according to Studio President Adam Kiciński, the studio already has a “clear concept” in mind. Of course, the finer details remain under wraps at present. However, we at least know the title won’t be The Witcher 4. In a July 2018 interview, Kiciński explained: “The first three Witchers were by definition a trilogy, so we simply could not name the next game The Witcher 4.” Regardless, it could be quite some time before anything concrete surfaces about CDPR’s next venture into the world of The Witcher.

[Source: VG247]