Ghost of Tsushima Will Require at Least 50GB of Free Space

Not too surprisingly, it appears Ghost of Tsushima will have quite the beefy file size. The title’s listing on the PlayStation Store indicates players will need to make room for at least 50GB of space. Of course, this does not take a potential day one patch into consideration, nor any other post-launch updates.

Such a file size has become pretty standard in recent years, especially for open-world games like Sucker Punch’s next action adventure. Yet, despite its massiveness, Ghost of Tsushima won’t even count as PS4’s biggest game in terms of file size this summer. That honor will most likely go to The Last of Us Part II, which launches next month on June 19th. The size of Naughty Dog’s latest is set to double that of Ghost of Tshushima, as the sequel clocks in at a whopping 100GB minimum.

Sony and Sucker Punch showed off more of Ghost of Tsushima last week in a special State of Play broadcast. The stream revolved around an 18-minute gameplay video, wherein combat, stealth, exploration, and customization were center-stage. Last week’s State of Play also gave fans a first look at a number of extras, such as Photo Mode, the Japanese dub, and Samurai Cinema.

The latter option will allow players to venture through Ghost of Tsushima from start to finish in film grain-inspired black and white mode. Plus, as a Photo Mode pioneer, it seems Sucker Punch is taking the feature to an all-new level. Not only will players get to pause and snap awe-inspiring photos, video options with sound serve as another option.

Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima launches in just a couple of months on July 17th. Preorders are currently live on digital storefronts and at retail. Those who preorder digitally will gain access to a Jin Avatar, Dynamic Theme, and the digital mini soundtrack.

[Source: PlayStation Store via DualShockers]