The Last of Us Part II File Size is Confirmed to Total a Whopping 100GB

The revelation last fall that The Last of Us Part II would launch on two discs made its behemoth file size overtly clear. Now the sequel’s massive size has been confirmed with in more specific terms. Naughty Dog’s latest necessitates a 100GB minimum. No wonder it will have to be printed across two discs.

A listing on reveals the game’s size, as well as reaffirms the plan to launch across two Blu-ray discs. One bit of the manufacturing spiel situated at the bottom of the listing reads as follows: “1 player. 2 discs. 100 GB minimum.” Evidently, this means fans who purchase the digital download will need to make room for all 100 of those gigabytes. And this does not even take into account a potential day one patch and future updates. Needles to say, in this regard, The Last of Us Part II stands toe-to-toe with the likes of Rockstar Games’ Red Dead Redemption II.

Originally, fans were to learn why the title’s file is so large in May of this year. Logistical issues concerning the coronavirus pandemic forced Sony to delay TLoU Part II indefinitely, though. Marvel’s Iron Man VR received a similar push. Last weekend saw critical narrative details and gameplay clips make their way onto the web. Rumor has it that such a leak came courtesy of a Naughty Dog employees frustrations with their employer.

Regardless of the finite details, Sony soon thereafter announced a new June release date for the sequel. Such a move also saw Ghost of Tsushima receive a new date for July 17th. At the time of writing, Marvel’s Iron Man VR still lacks a revised launch window. This seems to suggest Part II’s forthcoming launch serves as Sony’s immediate reaction to the leak.

The Last of Us Part II will finally roll out this summer on June 19th.

[Source: via VG247]