Sony’s PlayStation Now Service Recently Topped 2.2 Million Subscribers

As a streaming service, PlayStation Now may have experienced a rather slow start. However, it’s been picking up steam in the last year or so. The latest milestone for its subscription count is pretty impressive, too. As of April 2020, PlayStation Now had topped 2.2 million subscribers. relays the news from a recent investor presentation hosted by Sony. Again, the service’s bringing in 2.2 million subscribers is quite the feat. A report from April of 2019 had the service sitting at roughly 700,000 subscribers. By October of that same year, the number of subscriptions experienced an impressive increase, reaching one million subscribers in just a few months’ time. That the streaming service has more than doubled its audience in a mere 12 months is nothing short of admirable on Sony’s part.

No doubt such growth is thanks to last fall’s price cut. In early October 2019, Sony slashed PlayStation Now’s prices in half. For example, the one month payment of $19.99 dropped to the much more favorable $9.99. Meanwhile, the yearly PS Now subscription went from $99.99 to $59.99.

Recent months have also seen the service add some heavy hitters to the lineup. Control, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus were added in March. While the Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein entries are somewhat older titles, Control hasn’t been on the market for a year. The May 2020 lineup seems pretty substantial in its own right, too. Rainbow Six Siege and The Evil Within 2 both headline this month’s offerings.

Since its North American launch in 2014, PlayStation Now has steadily evolved. In September 2018, the ability to download PS4 titles and select PS2 games hit the service. Hopefully with PlayStation 5 on the horizon, Sony continues to look for other ways to improve the platform. After all, there’s still a long road ahead to catch up with Xbox Game Pass, which boasts 10 million subscribers.

[Source: Sony via]