skelattack out now

Konami-Published Action Platformer Skelattack is Available Now on Consoles and PC

Publisher Konami somewhat stealth released a new action platformer from developer Ukuza. The title in question is Skelattack, which launched digitally yesterday on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One for $19.99. See the game in action in the launch trailer linked below:

Skelattack’s unique adventure takes place in Ukuza’s carefully crafted Underworld, a magical home to the inhabitants of the afterlife. Within the Underworld is a hub known as Aftervale, where the dead reside in perpetuity and are able to reflect on their previous life through Remembrance.

Skully, Skelattack’s protagonist, has his day of Remembrance violently disrupted by a “human kingdom” invasion. This particular attack is like no other, though. Humans aren’t searching for gold or other kinds of treasure; they instead kidnap Elzedon, an elder skeleton in Aftervale. The invaders then set their sights on capturing the Blue Flame, also known as the “magic that kindles the spirits of the dead.” Such an action could prove especially detrimental. If the Blue Flame is gone, Aftervale ceases to exist–an afterlife ceases to exist.

This is where Skully and his adventures in Skelattack enter the picture. With his trusty bat companion, Imber, Skully must carefully navigate the Underworld, flapping, jumping, and slashing through a wide variety of obstacles. In doing so, the dynamic duo will thwart the humans’ plans, defend the Blue Flame, and rescue the Aftervale Elder. Naturally, Skully will also be tasked with confronting events from his previous life, all in an attempt to reach the Aftervale.

[Source: Konami via Gematsu]