Grab a Free Copy of The Witcher 3 on GOG Galaxy 2.0 if You Own a Console Version

More than 28 million copies of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt have been sold across all platforms. The vast majority of those millions of players can now grab another copy for free through GOG Galaxy 2.0. You simply have to already own the game on the PS4, Epic Games Store, Origin, Steam, or Xbox One. Whether or not you’re eligible for The Witcher 3’s Game of the Year Edition is contingent upon whichever version you purchased previously.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted the news, originally relayed via GOG Galaxy 2.0’s official Twitter account. This particular offer won’t last forever; it comes to an end on June 23rd at 11:00am UTC/4:00am PDT.

With Cyberpunk 2077‘s release date slowly approaching, now wouldn’t be a bad time to return to The Witcher 3. In fact, once CD Projekt RED launches its sci-fi title, a small group of devs will begin work on another Witcher entry. Studio President Adam Kiciński divulged as much during an interview back in March. He also explained that the rest of the studio will devote attention to expanding upon Cyberpunk 2077. One larger group will develop post-launch DLC, while another focuses on the game’s multiplayer features.

The company has yet to reveal where it may take the World of the Witcher next. However, fans, developers, and Geralt’s voice actor have shared an interest in seeing Ciri’s story explored further.

Get a new CD Projekt RED fix when Cyberpunk 2077 hits the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on September 17th. More details on the sci-fi adventure will surface during a Night City Wire stream on June 25th.

[Source: GOG Galaxy 2.0 via Wario64 on Twitter]