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Necrobarista Opens Its Ghost-Filled Café for Business on PS4 in 2021

PlayStation 4 players will have to wait in line a little while longer to get their hands on Necrobarista. Originally set to launch in 2019, the cel-shaded visual novel will now come to the PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021. Necrobarista’s magical café opens its doors on PC via Steam and GOG next week on July 22nd, however, for the price of $19.99.

In announcing the PC release date, Route 59 Games also served up a brand-new trailer:

Necrobarista follows a necromancer apprentice, Maddy, who’s recently become the owner of a very popular Australian coffeehouse, The Terminal. Yet, this is not your average, everyday café. In addition to typical guests, The Terminal attracts spirts, ghostly patrons who regularly visit the café as it represents a “waypoint” between the land of the living and that of the dead. Though the spirits can only spend a certain amount of time in the real world, running The Terminal still proves difficult for Maddy to manage.

Maddy isn’t Necrobarista’s sole character of interest, either. An intriguing cast of characters is also along for the ride, including a “mechanics-obsessed teen” named Ashley, the infamous outlaw known as Ned Kelly, Clay–another necromancer, and a host of others. Necrobarista sees the eclectic crew explore their own pasts, as well as that of The Terminal, which somehow links them all together.

In crafting this cinematic adventure, Route 59 Games took inspiration from anime. Thus, the traditional 2D art on display in the trailer above has been seamlessly translated to a stunning 3D world. The soundtrack from award-winning composer Kevin Penkin (Tower of God, Florence) works to further elevate the studio’s unique vision.

[Source: Route 59 Games]