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Sandbox Zombie Survival Game Unturned Hits Consoles Later This Year

Unturned is an open-world zombie survival title that originally released on PC via Steam in 2017. Sometime this fall, developer FunLabs and publisher 505 Games will bring the sandbox experience to consoles on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Console players can expect to take advantage of the same gameplay features that PC fans have enjoyed for the last few years.

Gematsu reports the console versions of Unturned will cost $24.99. While the gameplay experience will be more or less the same across all platforms, PS4 and Xbox One players can anticipate “restructured visuals,” enhanced mechanics, and a “deeper” system of progression.

The Canadian team Smartly Dressed Games created Unturned, helmed by Game Designer Nelson Sexton. A statement from 505 Games notes the studio “remains actively involved” with the title’s development on consoles.

With modern society in ruins, Unturned players are dropped into the shoes of one of the remaining survivors. Across a total of eight maps, players must work alongside friends and other allies to outlast the daily pressures of life in a zombie apocalypse. Scavenging for food, supplies, clothing, and other materials is essential to survival. Managing health, hunger, thirst, and radiation levels is apparently of equal importance.

Multiplayer options seem relatively plentiful, too. There are split-screen options available for local co-op. While online, players can join friends, forge new alliances, or make enemies in the open-world. All of this and more is bolstered by an array of customization possibilities and upgrade skills, the latter of which center on three different categories: Offense, Defense, and Support.

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