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Resident Evil 2 Remake Tops 7 Million in Sales; RE7 is the Franchise’s Best-Selling Entry

Sales updates for Capcom’s catalogue of games are live, courtesy of the company’s “Platinum Titles” listing. Games that land on the “Platinum Titles” list are those that have surpassed one million units in sales. The update reaffirms Monster Hunter: World as Capcom’s best-selling title to date. However, especially eye-catching are the figures for the Resident Evil series. Notably, Resident Evil 2‘s remake now sits at 7.2 million copies sold. Resident Evil 7 is even more of a success story. It counts as the franchise’s top-selling installment.

Gematsu spotted the Platinum updates, which note that RE7 has moved 7.9 million units worldwide. That’s a 400,000 increase since its most recent update on March 31st. Again, RE2’s remake is at 7.2 million copies sold, an increase of 600,000 since the end of March. Meanwhile, RE3’s recent release isn’t moving the needle too much. Thus far, it has only accumulated 2.7 million in sales across the board. Resident Evil 4 appears on the list for the first time, thanks to its topping 1.2 million in sales.

Other notable figures include Monster Hunter: World’s sales of 16.1 million units. This number indicates an increase of an impressive 400,000 units sold since March 31st. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is no slouch, either. Since March, the expansion has shifted a whopping 600,000 units, bringing total sales to 5.8 million.

Devil May Cry 5 inches towards new milestones, too. In the last few months, its sales have increased by 200,000. The latest DMC entry, then, now sits at over 3.7 million copies sold. Suffice it to say, Capcom’s robust catalogue of titles continues to perform well on the market.

[Source: Capcom Platinum Titles via Gematsu]