PlayStation 5’s First TV Ad Welcomes Players to a ‘New World of Immersion’

The first ever PlayStation 5 TV advertisement has been spotted online. For now, it’s only available with Hungarian subtitles, though the voice over work is in English. The ad serves as a 30-second TV spot, complete with awesome-looking visuals, an incredible tease of the 3D audio, and a look at the PlayStation 5 and DualSense hardware.

Check out the PlayStation 5’s first TV spot in the short video below, courtesy of Daniel Ahmad (Niko Partners Senior Analyst) on Twitter:

It’s cool that there finally exists widespread promotion of Sony’s next-gen hardware. However, this all seems like quite the odd order of operations. The hardware manufacturer released a TV ad (in Hungarian, mind you) before sharing even the most basic details about a price and launch date? Peculiar.

Still, this could indicate that marketing for the console is ratcheting up. If so, it seems to further suggest we may be close to the concrete details we’ve all been patiently awaiting.

As of now, Sony has yet to so much as tease when it plans on rolling out more information. A Bloomberg report from a few weeks ago claimed the next big PS5 announcement was “tentatively scheduled” for this month. Should such a reveal be on the cards, the corporation is cutting it awfully close. But here’s to hoping the wait will soon come to an end.

The PlayStation 5 remains on track to hit store shelves sometime this holiday season.

[Source: Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]