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Fortnite is Teasing a Thor Collaboration With Marvel Comics

“Thortnite,” anyone? Awful pun aside, it appears that the Fortnite x Marvel crossover train is about to leave the station once more. Apple frenemy Epic Games released a short teaser trailer today via social media hinting at some fairly marvelous inclusions coming soon to the immensely popular battle royale. In case the trailer and hammer, lightning, and rainbow (sorry, Bifrost) are just too vague, allow me to solve this masterful riddle for you: Fortnite is teasing a Thor crossover event with Marvel Comics that appears to be coming on August 27. Check out the (short) trailer from the Fortnite official Twitter below/

It’s funny to think that about a decade ago Thor was still considered a sub-A-tier superhero choice and somewhat of a niche pick if you’re talking about the best and brightest Marvel has to offer. Even more so considering that fifteen years ago the character wasn’t even in rotation at Marvel Comics proper with his own title. While the 2006 comic event Civil War brought the God of Thunder back into the fold, the most rehabilitation to the Odinson name obviously came through the MCU movies and his portrayal by whichever Hemsworth brother that was. Considering another Thor film is currently in the MCU pipeline, with Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster returning and taking up the Thor mantle just like her character in the comics, this could even mean to coincide with a trailer drop. Or that’s wishful thinking. Either way!

This Thor reveal has literally no details, other than the art used being from Marvel’s most recent previews of their upcoming Empyre crossover event. If I had to armchair game develop, I’d wager that Mjolnir dropping down onto the map could come into play, or a power-up similar to the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet event from a few years ago. Regardless, it’s always fun to see these crossovers come to life. Now, let’s hope Epic does the smart thing and uses Jane Foster Thor, aka the actual best version of Thor.

Check back on August 27 for more information on this Marvel/Fortnite Thor event-to-be.