Modder Creates and Showcases Bloodborne 60 FPS Patch, Says He’ll Release the Patch if Sony Doesn’t

Popular modder Lance McDonald has created and showcased a patch for Bloodborne, which allows the game to run at 60 frames-per-second with the PlayStation 4 Pro Boost Mode enabled.

In a description accompanying the video below, McDonald noted that Bloodborne reaches 60 fps “quite reliably” and he hopes that Sony will consider releasing an official patch. He said that out of respect for the company, he will hold off on releasing the unofficial patch until there’s confirmation of Sony’s plans.

So I made a patch for Bloodborne that modifies the game engine in such a way that the game can run at speeds up to 60fps, and with a PlayStation 4 Pro with Boost Mode enabled, the game actually reaches that speed quite reliably! I hope you enjoy just a bit of a showcase video showing off how amazing I personally think the results are. Hopefully the future of Bloodborne is bright in the hands of PlayStation Studios and with the PlayStation 5 hardware, but if not, at least we have this in the meantime.

I’ll be releasing this patch publicly once the PlayStation 5 has released and Sony have made it clear whether or not Bloodborne will be enhanced on that system in any way. Out of respect for PlayStation, I want them to have the first chance to put 60fps Bloodborne into the hands of players. This comment will be edited/updated with a download link for the patching utility for Bloodborne v1.09 in the future once this has happened. Obviously, you’ll need a way to run unsigned code on a PlayStation console to use the utility once it’s released.

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