Sony Confirms PS5 Will Allow Physical Copies of Games to Be Played Offline

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s senior vice president of platform and planning management, Hideaki Nishino, has confirmed to Eurogamer that the PlayStation 5 will allow physical copies of video games to be played offline.

Like the PS4, the PS5 disc edition will not mandate download and installation of patches unless, of course, it’s a multiplayer game. So if you’re one of those who enjoy offline single-player games without being prompted to go online, you can rest easy knowing Nishino thinks that not being able to run a game off a disc is “out of the question.”

While this is good news, it’s worth noting that Nishino is only talking about the hardware manufacturer’s requirements. Sony believes in leaving certain decisions up to game developers and there are studios that require users to have a persistent internet connection even when playing a single-player game. Most recently, the developer behind PS5 console-exclusive Godfall announced that players will need to be online even when playing solo. It drew a lot of ire, but this practice is nothing new. That said, Sony’s official stance on the matter is good news for us.

Elsewhere in the interview, Nishino talked about PS5’s recent UI reveal, stating that it’s “centered around the getting of players into the game easier and faster.” “We really care about [this], it’s an investment,” he added. “I can play with my kids, I can play with my wife, but I want to play games. That’s a huge, huge investment, it’s a part of my life.”

[Source: Eurogamer]