PlayStation Malaysia Support Studio Hiring for Work on ‘Well-Known and Well-Loved’ Franchise

A little less than a year ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced plans to establish a support studio in Malaysia. Evidently, the development office opened its doors sometime this year as planned. As a support team meant to provide other Sony-owned developers with animation and art assets, it’s no shock that hiring is underway for an Animator. However, what will pique the interest of fans is news that PlayStation Malaysia’s Animation team currently has its hands full with “one of PlayStation’s well-known and well-loved franchises.”

According to a job posting on Greenhouse, PlayStation Malaysia is currently in search of a cinematic and in-game Animator. As noted above, the Animation team needs someone new for work on a “well-loved” PlayStation property. The listing, of course, doesn’t specify the series in question. Thus, it could be anything from the recently announced God of War (2018) sequel to the long-rumored Uncharted entry, the latter of which, if it truly exists, could be in production at Sony’s not-so-secret San Diego-based office.

What the posting does tease is the importance of the project’s “story-driven” qualities, since applicants should be able to provide “high quality, story-driven performance animation.” But this, too, could be hinting at any number of PlayStation franchises. The company specializes in myriad first-party titles with story at their center.

Last year’s news of the Malaysian office’s opening came in the midst of a shakeup for the PlayStation brand as a whole. Days prior, Shawn Layden rather unceremoniously exited his role at Sony. Not too long after Layden’s departure, Guerrilla Co-Founder Hermen Hulst stepped up as Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios.

What do you think? Is this the inevitable return of Uncharted? Or is Sony reviving a different “well-known and well-loved” franchise? What do you hope PlayStation’s Malaysia support studio is working on? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Greenhouse via PlayStation Universe]